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Free Don Miller!

Don Miller has been released from prison but not exonerated for the crime he did time for.

Free Don Miller
Wants You!

Don Miller was sitting in prison serving a 42 year sentence for a crime that we feel was never committed!  Already having served over 16 years for the rape of his live in girlfriend at the time, Connie Vargovich, Don is trying to secure a new trial because of the corruption in Iron County, Wisconsin that sent him to prison.

Judge Patrick Madden had a personal relationship with the alleged victim Connie Vargovich, possibly even of the sexual kind.  They drank together, partied together, they were friends.  How was this judge allowed to sit on the bench during this trial? People have stated that they observed the judge hugging the alleged victim Connie Vargovich during a recess in the trial!

Although Don was released from prison on December 18, 2013 due to the efforts of the Wisconsin Innocence Project and countless supporters, Don was released but not exonerated.  As predicted, since his release, countless tips have been coming forward as the push for his exoneration continues.

Please take the time to visit the website the following websites dedicated to getting the truth out about this case: 




Read three important documents that are listed on the site:

1.) "Anatomy of a Wrongful Conviction"
2.) "The Undisputed Facts"
3.) "Inconsistencies of Connie Vargovich"

Ask yourself this question, How can you have a rape trial with "NO" Rape Kit?  It was lost or misplaced.  There was "NO" DNA Evidence.  We are starting a fund for a reward for the recovery of the missing rape kit in this trial.  Feel free to donate to this reward fund.

Join Stephen Williams and other special guests every Thursday Night at 10:00 PM Eastern / 9:00 PM Central Time for "Free Don Miller" as they discuss the facts of this case and confront the people involved in sending an innocent man to prison!  Get involved!  Call in to the show and voice your opinions, thoughts, concerns or voice how you are outraged that something like this could happen!

It's time to do the right thing, it's time for Connie Vargovich to TELL THE TRUTH! It's time for Judge Madden to right a wrong!  It's time for D.A. Martin Lipske to right a wrong and charge Connie Vargovich with the lie's that she has told.  It's time for Former Sheriff Bruneau, Former Deputy James Wicklund, Former Deputy Joe Robinson to come forward and tell what they know.  It's time for the current Sheriff to start his own investigation in to this case.

It's time for the citizens of Northern Wisconsin and the U.P. of Michigan to get angry and demand justice!  It's time for America to quit ignoring this case and demand justice!  There are strengths in numbers.  Let's right a wrong together!

"Free Don Miller!" Thursday Nights at 10:00 PM Eastern / 9:00 PM Central
To join the show live click here!
Call in number for the show is: (424) 243.9520

You should be outraged over the special treatment Connie receives from the Iron County Justice System!  How long will the citizens of Iron County stand for this???
Other cases of corruption or wrong doing are starting to emerge.
How about a woman sentenced to three years in prison only to find out that the charges that sent her to prison were dropped!  That's right!  She served 3 years!
When will Attorney General J.B. Van Hollen assign a special investigator to investigate this corruption?

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